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Create a Life & Sacred Business that are Aligned with YOUR Inner Beliefs!

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to be happy in their lives, sharing healing, and doing work that they love to do! Our programs embody our mission is to inspire, educate, and support Energy Healers and Lightworkers who are following their dreams and making a difference in the world through the work that they do and the service that they provide to others.

Sharing expert-tested healing techniques; creating a supportive, like-minded, heart-centered network of people, and showing healers and energy workers how to embrace a life aligned with their spiritual path is what our school is all about.   

We want to inspire you to start living the life that you were always meant to live, by developing your healing skills and, more importantly, by helping you to create a life that you truly love.


Is this Certification Program right for YOU?

These Classes Are NOT for:

  • people who are afraid of positive change
  • people who don’t finish what they start
  • people who are unfamiliar with computers and the internet
  • people who aren’t willing to work on their own self-healing
  • people looking for “easy” CE hours
  • people looking for "just another certificate"

These Classes ARE for:

  • self-starters who want a sacred business that they love
  • motivated people who want to make a difference in the world
  • tech-savvy, heart-centered, independent-learners
  • people who are ready to make positive changes in their lives
  • creative entrepreneurs  who are passionate about healing
  • people who want to learn life-changing healing techniques
  • healers and energy workers who value learning new things and realize the importance of continuing education

Do you already know that this program is for you?


Follow Your a Life & Career You LOVE

Follow your heart and let it be the compass on your life's journey; if you follow your heart, then the universe will support you.  One person is all it takes to create a positive force for change.   Integrating energy healing into your life and your sacred business WILL support the positive change of our planet.  You have something special and sacred that is unique to you. You have a gift - share it with the world!  Take the next step to sharing your gift and creating positive change by enrolling in our Crystal Healing Certification Program.


  • Are you ready to take the first step toward big changes in your life?

  • Are you ready to make a difference in the lives of others & be a force for positive change?

  • Are you ready to start a ripple effect that will send healing energy out into the universe?


Why Should You Become a

Certified Crystal Healer (CCH)?

Our Crystal Healing Certification Program provides a practical, comprehensive crystal therapy education.  The classes in this program help heart-centered, dedicated learners to build thriving crystal healing practices.  By completing this program, you will learn to have a career and life that you love, all while developing new skills that will allow you to benefit your family, your friends, your clients, and yourself.  Working with your natural gifts and developing your healing skills will help you to be of service to yourself and others, creating positive energy and working toward personal and planetary healing.

No matter what the reason, you will be developing skills and learning techniques that you can apply to all areas of your life - growing as you go. Education is one of the best ways to hone your skills, so that you can continue to shine your light into the world.

This program will provide a foundation for your journey into the world of Crystal Healing, supporting you on your path and guiding you toward a deep connection and understanding of the crystal realm (while helping to develop your healing skills and making you more marketable and successful in YOUR sacred business).


This small time and money investment results in big life changes.
Students are raving about results of our Crystal Healing Certification Program!


Ready to Find Your Passion & Purpose?


We know that with the right knowledge, you will have the tools to create a life you love.

It is important to us to see you succeed because we believe that everyone deserves to live a happy life, following their life path while being financially and spiritually supported and fulfilled.  We provide compassionate crystal-lovers and energy healing enthusiasts with expert training and knowledge.  Our classes and programs will provide you with professional, high-quality, energy healing education and training so that you can:

  • be of service to others and help those in need with YOUR unique gifts
  • build and transition into a successful, alternative career
  • share your unique gifts with the world
  • become a part of an amazing network of heart-centered healers and entrepreneurs
  • learn the “hows” and “whys” of crystal healing along with step-by-step instructions on how to perform a variety of crystal healing techniques (specific to each class topic)
  • gain clarity and learn to be more confident when giving crystal healing sessions professionally 

  • grow both spiritually and emotionally
  • learn the “best practices” for maintaining ethics and integrity in your healing practice and sacred business
  • become professionally certified by a reputable school (which helps make your sacred business more credible)
  • enhance your potential for career advancement and increased income (because clients and employers will value the knowledge and diverse skills you learn in the program)
  • utilize skills for your own self-healing and care (because these are essential for personal and business growth; when you’re happy and healthy, your clients will be too!)

Because our school has set a standard of excellence in the energy healing community,  your clients will have peace of mind knowing that you were trained at a reputable energy healing school that provides professional, quality education. 

By enrolling in one of our certification programs, you are taking the next step toward working with natural healing energy every day (whether professionally to enhance your career, personally to work through your own self-healing, or so that you may answer your calling to be of service to friends and family members in need of healing).

Take the first step on your journey to more prosperity, new opportunities, and spiritual fulfillment!  You can learn to create a life and a sacred business that you love by enrolling in our Crystal Healing Certification Program!


Are you READY to say "YES" to an exciting new journey?


Do you need more details?  Here's how it works:

Our Crystal Healing Certification Program, taught by Ashley Leavy, can be completed online through a simple, convenient, virtual classroom (either in a live, scheduled class or via a pre-recorded class video that can be accessed at any time).

The online classes are very simple to use.  You will receive a manual and a pre-recorded training video for each class in the program (11 in total).  After reading the manual and watching the recording of the class video, you will take a multiple choice exam (online).  After you successfully complete all 11 exams, you have completed the program.

You have 2 certification options, you may choose to receive 1 certificate for each individual class (totaling 11 certificates), or you may wait until the end of the program and receive 1 certificate for the whole thing.  No matter which option you choose, you will earn 26 continuing education hours through NCBTMB and you will be recognized as a CCH.


Why choose the Love & Light School?

The classes are organized and guided so that you can focus on the content (and not be confused by how things are organized or what you're supposed to do next).

The on-demand format is great for people with busy or inflexible schedules which allows students to take classes on their own time (regardless of schedule conflicts, time zone differences, unexpected events, etc.).  This allows our students to take their time and absorb information rather than being rushed by a deadline (we do not have time limits for class completion), but it also provides an option for students who would like to fast-track their education.  We have had some students finish this 11-part Crystal Healing Certification Program in as little as two weeks.

The distance-learning format makes it possible for people who do not have access to a healing arts school in their area to get a top-quality crystal healing education.

One-on-one instructor email guidance and email technical support are included.  This guarantees that each student will receive one-on-one interaction with the instructor (via email) even though the included classes are pre-recorded.

Alumni of this program will receive a special listing on the Alumni Page of our website, which provides our graduates with free marketing and publicity as well as creating a positive affiliation with our reputable healing arts school.


Build a strong foundation for success with our

Crystal Healing Certification Program!


Class Enrollment Policies & Procedures:

You must agree to our Enrollment Policies & Procedures and Student Waiver/Release.  By enrolling in a class you are agreeing to these policies.

You may choose from one of our two convenient payment options.  You may choose to enroll in the entire program at once for a discount on your tuition fee, or you may enroll in each class on a pay-per-class basis (forfeiting the program discount).  Regardless of which payment option you choose, upon completion of the program, you will have earned 26 continuing education hours (approved by NCBTMB) and you will be recognized as a Certified Crystal Healer (CCH).

After registration (and upon successful payment completion), you will receive your class materials electronically (i.e. access to our virtual classroom via email).  It may take up to three business days for you to receive your class materials (as they are sent by our class Instructors to each student).


What is Included with this Program?

  • 11 webinar style classes (listed above) including instructor video and a slideshow presentation
  • 11 comprehensive PDF class manuals (accessible through our virtual classroom)
  • Instructor email support (from the time you enroll until 30 days after your certification)
  • Unlimited technical support
  • Lifetime access to class materials and updates
  • BONUS class resources (videos, articles, mp3s, & more)


Program Class Listing:

There is no required order to the classes.  However, it is recommended that if you are new to crystal healing (or if you have a beginner's understanding of the subject), that you take the "Basic Crystal Healing" class as a prerequisite to the other classes (in order to build a foundation of knowledge prior to moving on to the more advanced topics).  If you register for all 11 classes in the program at once, you will receive a special discounted tuition rate of $675 (a $105 savings from enrolling in each class separately).


Are you ready to TRANSFORM your life and sacred business?


Individual Class Completion Requirements:

  • You must enroll in and attend the class (either in-person or via the virtual classroom)
  • You must agree to abide by the Love & Light School of Energy Medicine Code of Ethics.  By enrolling in a class you are agreeing to uphold these ethics.
  • You must successfully complete a multiple-choice examination (earning a score of 75% or higher to pass).


What Happens When I complete Each Class?

  • You can choose to receive a certificate for the individual class, or you may choose to wait until you complete the entire program and receive one certificate at the end.
  • You will be one step closer to completing the program.


Program Completion Requirements:

You must complete all 11 of the classes in the program (including successful completion of all examinations).


What Happens When I Complete the Program?

  • You will be a Certified Crystal Healer through the Love & Light School of Energy Medicine and will be able to use the letters "CCH" after your name.
  • You will have earned 26 Continuing Education Hours (approved by NCBTMB).
  • Your Certification as a CCH will identify you as having received comprehensive, quality, crystal healing education and training from a reputable source. 
  • You will get to CELEBRATE your great accomplishment!!! 

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Enroll in our Crystal Healing Certification Program and Learn to Create a Career You LOVE & Enjoy Doing!