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Welcome to the Love & Light
School of Energy Medicine!

Our mission is to share our knowledge of energy healing with people all over the world.  Whether you're new to the idea of energy healing, or an experienced practitioner, it is our goal to introduce you to new ideas in a fun, safe, and ethical way.  Through our programs and classes, you can learn how to perform energy healing on yourself, friends and family, or clients.

Our professionally-trained instructors are passionate about sharing their knowledge of energy healing with students from around the world.  Our reputable energy healing school offers classes and workshops on a range of energy healing topics (from Crystal Therapy, to Reiki, to Aromatherapy, and so much more).  Our instructors are able to offer you a unique experience, as they each specialize in a particular field of energy medicine.  It is our goal to share our knowledge of alternative approaches to healing in a manner that is educational and fun.  We strive to reach all types of learners and to provide exceptional education to our students.  Please take some time to explore our site - check out our free resources, or enroll in a class with one of our knowledgable instructors for more in-depth learning.  We look forward to serving you.
Crystal blessings always and in all ways,

Ashley Leavy (Founder & Educational Director) 
of the Love & Light School of Energy Medicine